Ask your MP to defend human rights and access to justice

We are seriously concerned about growing pressure from the UK Government to review the UK's human rights framework and limit access to justice for ordinary people who wish to challenge an unlawful Government decision, potentially with a view to scaling back, weakening, or repealing protections.

This follows the launch of a new panel to examine the case for reforming judicial review powers (the means by which ordinary people can hold the Government legally to account) including exempting certain subjects or Government actions from being judicially reviewable at all. The Government has also indicated that it will look to reform the Human Rights Act, the main law that protects our rights in the UK, and has in the past committed to repealing the Act entirely.

Any government that cares about freedom and justice should celebrate and protect these vital institutions and never demean or threaten them. Write to your MP and tell them to protect our fundamental rights!

We’ve suggested some text you can use, but please, if you are able, do edit it to make it more personal – we know that MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries, which are infinitely more powerful than standard letters.


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