TAKE ACTION: No state funding for hardline Christian School in Newry and Knockloughrim

Newry and Knockloughrim residents: Voice your opposition to state-funding for local Plymouth Brethren school.

The Education Authority is currently carrying out a consultation to determine whether there is local support for OneSchool Northern Ireland, an independent school run by the Plymouth Brethren, to establish as a state-funded voluntary grammar.

Will you oppose the bid to allow this hardline religious group to receive public funding to provide pupils with a narrowly religious education which is completely unsuitable for preparing them for life in 21st century Northern Ireland?

We’d like as many people as possible to respond the Education Authority consultation. Please submit all responses by  Friday 20th December. To assist you, we have provided a model response. However, we strongly suggest you try to adapt it using your own words.

Tips on adapting your response:

To assist you in writing your consultation response, we have provided a suggested text (see below). You are strongly encouraged to edit this to make it more personal – we know that original responses have more impact and your input is more likely to be fully considered if you can make reference to personal experiences.

If you are a parent... please say so, and talk about any relevant experiences you have had trying to get your children into a suitable local school. If you have personal experiences of the Plymouth Brethren, or other hardline religious groups, talk about these and the issues the beliefs such groups hold might raise for those from other backgrounds hoping to attend the school. You should also explain why you think it is important that new school places in the area are in fully inclusive, non-partisan schools for the whole community that teach a broad and balanced curriculum.

If you are a pupil… talk about the importance of being able to access a local school that teaches a broad and balanced curriculum that is inclusive and suitable for all regardless of background.

If you are a teacher or governor… talk about how your experience has shown you how important it is for schools to teach a broad and balanced curriculum as well as being diverse and inclusive.

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