Constituents: Write to Robert Halfon about religious selection in state-funded schools

On the 21st April, your local MP, Robert Halfon, who is also the chairman of the Education Select Committee, co-wrote a letter to the Sunday Times in which he criticised a letter co-organised by Humanists UK that had featured in the newspaper the week before.

The letter, which was co-organised with the Accord Coalition, was signed by over 180 politicians, academics, religious leaders, and humanists, and urged the Government to give up on plans to open new 100% selective religious schools.

Will you write to Robert Halfon to ask him to reconsider the evidence on this issue?

We have provided a facility for you to contact him and suggested text for your letter below. However, as MPs generally respond better to personal messages from their constituents, we do advise that you adapt it.  

It is vital that policy decisions are based on fact and, as the chair of the Education Select Committee, Mr Halfon has considerable influence. Will you urge him to do everything in his power to ensure that schools across England are inclusive and open to all irrespective of background?

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