Ask your MP to support an inquiry into assisted dying

Acclaimed neurosurgeon and bestselling author Dr Henry Marsh has revealed he may well have only a short time left to live, after being diagnosed with advanced cancer. Prompted by his diagnosis, he has now called upon parliamentarians to conduct an urgent review of the UK’s assisted dying laws, and has been supported by 50+ MPs and peers.

We’re calling for a public inquiry to examine the wealth of new evidence which supports changing the law. Please write to your MP to ask them to support this.

We’re calling for an inquiry because we believe our laws should be underpinned by an informed debate and based on impartial, robust, and up-to-date evidence. Ask your MP if they will write on your behalf to the Secretary of State for Justice and Chairs of the Health, Justice, and Human Rights Select Committees, to take note of the judgment in Paul Lamb’s case in November 2020 – in which the courts ruled that it is Parliament’s responsibility to examine the law – and call for an inquiry into assisted dying.

We’ve suggested some text you can use, but please, if you are able, do edit it to make it more personal – we know that MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries, which are infinitely more powerful than standard letters.

For example:

  • If you personally need the law to change, or have a loved one who needs or deserved a meaningful choice over their death, you could highlight the cruel impact of our current law upon those choices.
  • If you are a doctor, nurse, or other medical professional you might explain why you support patient autonomy, and discuss the existing ways our law balances end-of-life choices and robust safeguards. 
  • If you are or were a police officer, you may want to talk about how our law drives people underground or overseas and fails to protect potentially vulnerable people.

Thank you for your support.


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