Write to your Labour candidate: Will they stop discrimination in public services?

Urgent help needed to stop religious discrimination in public services

Last week, the Labour Party told faith leaders it would ‘promote local faith covenants’ when in Government. ‘Faith covenants’ encourage partnerships between religious groups and local authorities in providing public services. Due to exemptions in equality law and the Human Rights Act, these groups can discriminate against both their employees and their service users based on sexual orientation and religion or belief even when providing public services in this way.

We think that it is vital that these issues are raised with Labour candidates and the Labour leadership, which is where we need your help!

We’ve prepared a draft email you can send to your Labour candidate about the faith covenant. Sending it takes less than five minutes to complete. Though we highly recommend you personalise the default model letter as candidates are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries.

Enter your postcode into our system and we will automatically identify your Labour candidate for you. (If a candidate hasn’t supplied their email address, they might not show up! We’re updating our database every day. You can let us know on campaigns@humanists.uk if you run into trouble.)


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