More faith schools, more discrimination? Help us fight back

In late 2016 the Government announced proposals to usher in a massive expansion of religious discrimination and segregation in the education system. Dismantling progress made in 2007 when a 50% cap on religiously selective admissions was introduced for all new faith schools, the Government’s plans would drop that cap and once again allow all faith schools to become entirely segregated in their intakes.

After more than a year of campaigning by Humanists UK supporters and our own policy research and work, it looked as though the Government had changed its mind and would keep the cap in place.

But now, following a reshuffle earlier this month, the new Education Secretary Damian Hinds seems keen on dropping the cap after all.

Damian Hinds is a staunch supporter of state-funded faith schools and their freedom to religiously discriminate in admissions. He organised a debate in the House of Commons in 2014 calling for an end to the 50% cap, and has previously accepted financial support from the Catholic Church to pay for an intern in his parliamentary office.

If we don’t act now, the next few years will play host to the largest expansion of religious discrimination and segregation in the history of our education system.

Please, email the new Education Secretary today. It is vital that his attention is drawn to the overwhelming body of evidence supporting the cap, and the overwhelming majority of the public - Catholics included! - who wish to see schools open to all children, irrespective of their religion or belief.

A template letter is provided, which will be automatically emailed to the Secretary of State. If you want your letter to be even more effective, though, you can edit it yourself to make it more personal to you. Here are some examples:

  • As a young person… describe your recent experience of school. Was it inclusive? Did you mix with children from different backgrounds?

  • Having attended a faith school yourself… how diverse was it? Was it religiously selective? If so, what effect did that have?

  • As a parent, carer, or grandparent… What kind of school do your grandchildren go to? Do you want them to mix with children from different backgrounds? 

  • As a teacher or school governor… what benefit have you seen of children from different backgrounds mixing together at school?

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