Write to your MP: Don’t expand religious discrimination in schools!

The Government is planning to allow all state schools to 100% religiously select their pupils, and allow religious groups to run state special schools for the first time. We’d like as many people as possible to write to their local MPs to speak up against these things.
We’ve provided a facility through which you can email your MP. This provides a default letter (although we highly recommend you adapt it), and by entering your address the system will automatically identify your MP for you.

To assist you in writing your letter/email, we have provided a suggested text (see below). You are strongly encouraged to edit this to make it more personal – we know that MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries, and we provide some examples of ways to do so below.

If you are a parent or carer... please say so, and talk about any relevant experiences you have had trying to get your children into a suitable local school. If you live in an area with lots of religious selection, talk about the segregation this causes.

If you are a pupil… talk about the importance of being able to access a local school and why having a diverse range of friends and classmates is valuable to you.

If you are a teacher or governor… talk about how your experience has shown you how important it is for schools to be diverse and inclusive.

If you or a loved one has special educational needs… talk about how that first-hand experience has led you to support an education system that is critical, objective, and pluralistic, and doesn’t mislead on, for example, relationships and sex education.


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