Ask your MP to take action on illegal schools

A significant number of unregistered, illegal ‘schools’ operate in England, many of which are religious. Children within these schools are at risk of indoctrination, abuse, and radicalisation, and do not receive their entitlement to an education.

Illegal schools operate by exploiting loopholes in the law that mean that the authorities do not have sufficient powers to shut them down. Children in illegal schools have been found to exist in prison-like conditions, facing routine corporal punishment and learning scripture by rote from dawn to dusk. Some of those who leave illegal schools cannot speak English, even though they, their parents, and even their grandparents grew up in this country.

The Government has been committed to change the law to shut down illegal schools since 2017. But it has yet to act. The law is not fit for purpose and urgently needs reform.

Help us to call for action on illegal schools by asking your MP to attend the upcoming All-Party Parliamentary Humanist Group meeting on illegal schools.

It’s vital that we get as many MPs to attend to create a bigger impact. Please, take five minutes to ask your MP to attend.

We’ve made it easy for you to invite your MP to attend. On this page, you’ll find a default model letter that we highly recommend you take a few minutes to personalise as MPs are more likely to take notice of personalised emails and queries.


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