Ask your MEPs to support the accurate labelling of ritually slaughtered produce

In the UK, up to two-thirds of kosher and halal meat is sold on into the general market but it is not labelled as such. Some halal and all kosher meat is not stunned prior to slaughter, in spite of clear evidence that this increases suffering for animals.

In June 2010 the European Parliament agreed that meat and meat products derived from animals that have not been stunned prior to slaughter should be labelled as ‘Meat from slaughter without stunning’. Unfortunately this was rejected by the European Council. Further amendments were subsequently proposed, but in June 2011 the European Parliament agreed with the Council to withdraw the amendments in lieu of a more wide scale review into the matter. The subsequent report was published in June 2015, and found that 72% of respondents to the survey conducted supported labelling. But the report did not recommend a change in the law, and further moves have not been made since.

We know that personalised emails are better at grabbing attention, are more likely to get personal and detailed responses and are more likely to encourage MEPs to take action.

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