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Minister for Education Peter Weir is refusing to meet Northern Ireland Humanists over changes to the discriminatory religious education curriculum for Northern Ireland. Help us put pressure on him to engage fully with civil society.

Northern Ireland Humanists met with the Department of Education (DENI) and Council for Curriculum, Examinations and Assessment (CCEA) in April 2016. Both bodies took on board our thoughts about how we may move forward to make change to the current RE curriculum.

At this meeting we were advised by both DENI and CCEA that we should arrange to meet with the incoming Minister for Education.

Northern Ireland Humanists has now had a response from Peter Weir regarding a meeting, stating ‘As I am sure you will appreciate, there are many demands on my time and I regret that on this occasion I am unable to meet.’

But that isn't good enough. It is of crucial importance that our voices as humanists wanting an inclusive RE curriculum are heard. And we can't afford for the Government to simply ignore their requirement to deliver a balanced RE curriculum, which is inclusive of non-religious views.

Take a minute to use the below letter (which you should edit and make your own) to write to Peter asking for him to meet with us as soon as possible.

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