Make Thought for the Day inclusive of the non-religious

Help make Thought for the Day inclusive!

Thought for the Day is a religious slot that obtrudes itself on the general listener when it is featured every morning during the BBC Radio 4 Today programme. It plainly proclaims to all, five days a week that reflective thoughts on the events of the day come only from people with ‘a faith’. There are different views about the idea of a reflective slot in the middle of a current affairs programme: some see no place for it, others think it is a valuable interlude. But so long as it exists it is entirely unacceptable to exclude some speakers just because they are non-religious. We want BBC Radio 4’s Thought for the Day programme to include humanist perspectives.

We are asking supporters to email the BBC Trust to ask them to make Thought for the Day inclusive.

You can read our position on our website, which sets out some arguments for the inclusion of non-religious contributors to Thought for the Day.

Please email Rona Fairhead, Chair of the BBC Trust, to ask her to ensure that Thought for the Day becomes inclusive of humanist contributors! You can edit the text in the box below as you want. In fact, we know that personal letters make more of an impact, so please do add in your own thoughts and perspective.

You can read more about our campaigns in this area on our website.

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