Where does your AM stand on humanist issues?

At Wales Humanists, we're building a coalition for a stronger, more secular Wales where the voice of reason is heard loud and clear on issues of healthcare, marriage law, and in our education system. We can only do that by rallying you - our members and supporters - to bring change to the heart of the National Assembly for Wales and to help us in identifying Assembly Members who are supportive of our cause.

Please read and adapt the model letter below to ask your AM where they stand on the issues that matter to humanists - and ask them to respond to you formally on these five points. That's democracy in action.

Please add any personal remarks you can - the more personal and original your letter is, the better chance you'll have of getting a reply. For example, if you've had trouble getting your child into a local school because it is religiously selective, if you have a personal connection to assisted dying, or if you want a humanist wedding but have been disheartened by the UK Government's refusal to recognise humanist weddings in Wales. Be sure to also mention if you've had (or been to) a humanist wedding/marriage already and what your views of it were. It's the personal touch that really matters.

Enter your postcode below and press the button to get started. It'll only take a minute.


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